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Goodkarma Productions

We produce short films on a low-budget/no-budget or charity basis. We make these films not because of their commercial potential, but the inherent value of their subject. Goodkarma productions was founded to make these films happen.

Joshua's Girl (1999)

selected shots from Joshua's girl

Homeless Joshua becomes a trophy in a drunken student game.

Cast: Tom Duffield, Simi Ward, Ed Winn, David Peto, Molly Woods
Duration: 12 minutes

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Closure (2001)

selected shots from Closure

A young actress comes to terms with her eating disorder.

Cast: Eve Tindale, David Peto, Niamh Yudt et al
Written by Ben Anderman
Original score by Neil Welch and Sam Butler
Duration: 20 minutes

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Missing Blade (2003)

selected shots from Missing Blade

Arthur and Ethel face the end of the world.

Cast: Julia Clark, Will Clark et al
Written by Anthony Story
Music by Roy Firestone
Duration: 5 minutes for the 48 hour film challenge

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Until Friday (2004)

selected shots from Until Friday

Co-workers flirt over a cigarette

Cast: Tamsin Applegate, Ben Byrunner
Duration: 90 seconds for Depict!

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